Praise for
The Rose of Paracelsus

On Secrets and Sacraments

William Leonard Pickard

Praise by cities (from most recent):

Toronto, Canada:

"The book is mind-blowing, even in individual pages, paragraphs, sentences. It's almost too much to bear, the power."

Durham, North Carolina:

"Magical, mystical, so full of feeling and information and secrets and stories and dimensions. I'll want to read it several times - so many layers - even in single sentences. I'm reading The Rose more slowly I think than I've ever read any book. I move between being devastated, heart-soaring, heartbroken and energy sizzling in recognition. A brilliant book, so filled with sacred, practical information and living energy that it crosses space-time through the power of symbols in ink. It's the perfect book at the perfect time."

Santa Fe, New Mexico:

"As I go deeper into The Rose, the aesthetic is so deeply touching that I feel everywhere like the desert winds. The writing is alive and profound. The Rose is the Borges, Huxley and Joyce of the psychedelic era, with journeys into intense fields of perception. Rich, rich indeed, with a sensuality that has been tuned and attuned in so many directions and dimensions. I marvel as I read, unbelieving that I have this book in my hands. I cry with relief that this is being told, the abundance of our experiences, the amazing boundary that has been opened to us of this generation and those who come after us."

Las Cruces, New Mexico:

"I'm not embarrassed to say that several chapters brought tears to my eyes. As an artist, The Rose inspired me visually many times over; the imagery skills are top-notch. Compassion is one of the main themes I've picked up on in The Rose. Many passages are sublime and many are infernal. The dark side of humanity and the suffering it causes to the most innocent, yet events of heart-galvanizing hope. The Afterword, so beautiful and so sad in parts. The book is a treasure trove, something I will re-read through the years."

Eugene, Oregon:

"More than a dozen people I know are enjoying it immensely. From this poetic tome, the Moby Dick of psychedelia, I'm taking seriously dense notes and quite literally having my mind blown ... as beautiful a book as I've ever had the pleasure of picking up."

(Posted on Net):

"I read it over the last month. I started slow because of the complexity of content but once my mind got into the literary meditation created by the skills and depth of knowledge, things started to flow. It was pure pleasure, with the highest highs and the lowest lows. I plan on reading it again and taking notes this time. Buy this book."

(Posted on Net):

"I just finished reading The Rose, and I must report ... Mr. Pickard is a helluva writer! This is a dense, delicious, one-of-a-kind book, written by a most fascinating man. When you think about it ... about Leonard writing this book with only pencil and legal pad while wasting in federal prisons, it strikes me as an exercise in discipline and perseverance, as well as sheer brilliance, Now available from Amazon for a pittance. Any serious psychedelic researcher will find much to wrestle with, much to ponder, much to admire in this extraordinary novel/memoir."

(Posted on Net):

"Intense and delightful."

South Florida:

"Elegantly written ... a fantastical vision."


"Distinguished writing."

Los Angeles:

"I received two copies and I've begun to delve into a dream that is symphonic, poetic, clever, and a delight to read. I would already compare it to quite a few masterworks of literature - Kafka, Bulgakov is informative and spiritually uplifting."

Albuquerque, NM:

"lyrical .. deeply poetic sensibility that has opened up a very timeless and ethereal head space ... the descriptions of simple everyday interactions are like mythic transport ... precipitates a precious mode of reflection ... subtle, carefully crafted prose: the constellations, the interludes, the sensations interwoven and rooted elemental voyage of poetry and spirit ... a meticulous memoir, very delightful experience"

Detroit, MI:

"The Rose of Paracelsus is that most beautiful of rarities: a compassionate work. Sublime, overwhelming, loaded with striking visuals. Lovely sentences that seem encoded with alien formulae and cosmic poetry. Every time I re-read it I feel positively transformed."


"Exquisite oeuvre. Very entertaining."

(Posted on Net):

"Anyone read this? Very recent publication, roman a clef by acid chemist Pickard. Extremely interesting book. I would highly recommend it."

Van Nuys, CA:

"Captivating, with noir-sensibilities and poetic in its prose ... spectacular detail and imagery ... it's fantastic ... a privilege to read it."

Last updated on: April 22, 2016