Diana Reed Slattery

Diana Reed Slattery, Xenolinguistics: Psychedelics, Language, and the Evolution of Consciousness (2015)

An American writer, scholar and video performance artist, Diana in this esoteric work describes an alien script "downloaded" during a series of altered states. She introduces 27 glyphs and their core meanings, obtained alone and meticulously documented by hand in her notebooks.

Xenolinguistics contains a substantive forward by visionary artist Allyson Grey, consisting of several images of Grey's art that feature her own symbol system and signature work of 20 letters (acquired in the 1970's during an altered state in her Cambridge room).

Xenolinguistics is a reference-heavy work, with many quotes, and lightened by personal anecdotes ("I separated from my husband, and sent the TV with him," a view of television-watching held also by Terrence McKenna).

As noted by reviewer Henrik Dahl in Psy Press, Xenolinguistics "deserves to be widely read by anyone remotely interested in the interface between psychedelics and language ... a pioneering work." See review on PsyPressUK (March 19, 2015) at: http://www.psypressuk.com/2015/03/18/review-xenolinguistics-diana-reed-slattery