Nick Bostrum

Nick Bostrum

Nick Bostrum is the Director of the Future of Humanity Institute, Director of the Strategic Artificial Intelligence Research Centre, and Professor, Faculty of Philosophy & Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford.


Superintelligence (Oxford Press, 2014)

Mark Tegmark, Professor of Physics, MIT

"This superb analysis by one of the world's clearest thinkers tackles one of humanity's greatest challenges: if future superhuman artificial intelligence becomes the biggest event in human history, then how can we insure that it doesn't become the last?"

Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley

"Perhaps the most important issue the human race has ever faced. 'Superintelligence' charts the submerged rocks of the future with unprecedented details. It marks the beginning of a new era."

The Economist

"Valuable. The implications of introducing a second intelligent species onto Earth are far-reaching enough to deserve hard thinking."

Martin Rees, Past President, Royal Society

"Those disposed to dismiss an 'AI takeover' as science fiction may think again after reading this original and well-argued work."

Nils Nilsson, Artificial Intelligence Pioneer, Stanford University

"Every Intelligent person should read it."

Elon Musk

"Worth Reading ... we should be super careful with AI."

Human Enhancement (Oxford Press 2013, edited by Julian Savulescu and Nick Bostrum)

Alan Buchanan, Duke University

"The use of biotechnologies to enhance human capacities is one of the most exciting and perplexing issues for personal choice and public-policy in the 21st century. This volume contains the best selection of articles to date on this important subject."

Robert Streiffer, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

"An excellent discussion by leading bioethicists of the issues raised by human enhancement. It would be excellent for use in classes devoted to spending at least a few weeks on enhancement, either at the upper-level undergraduate or graduate level."

Global Catastrophic Risks (Oxford Press 2012, edited by Nick Bostrum and Milan M. Cirkovic)


"This book ... provides a mine of peer-reviewed information on the great risks that threaten our own and future generations"

Martin J. Rees (from forward)

"We should welcome this fascinating and provocative book"