Jesse Jarnow

Jesse Jarnow, Heads: A Biography of Psychedelic America (Da Capo, 2016)

Jesse is also a DJ on WFMU 91.1 in NYC, where he hosts the Frow Show midnight to 3 AM. He writes commentaries on Heads News email bulletins to an increasing following, and may be found @HeadsNews on Twitter. Jesse speaks on psychedelia, the Dead and more, though Heads News and the traveling symposia of Heads Talks.

He writes liner notes for the Grateful Dead, Numero Group, RVNG and other bands (see interview on, and helped assemble a DVD of his father's (Al Jarnow) animation for Sesame Street and also his short films.

Amazon reviews on Heads:

"If you're interested in the evolution of psychedelic culture post-60s and the real impact of Deadhead tour culture on the world around it, including after the death of Garcia, this is by far the best source of information. You'll find it's well-written, making it a pleasure to read, but the defining characteristic of the work is how thoroughly researched it is."

"'Heads' considers a time when the magic of music defined who we were, when my generation's ideas and ideals stood in stark juxtaposition to those of our parents and the almighty establishment, when we believed with idealistic notions that through sheer will, we could effect a life-altering change, not just for ourselves, but for the planet and all mankind. 'Heads' will show you that even in our imagined anti-establishment manifestos, we had out secret handshakes, a secret language, knowing nods, and more weirdness than one should ever consider letting out of the jar."

"If 'Heads' manages to do anything joyously and correctly, it's that Jesse Jarnow manages to connect the fast paced banter and dovetailing required to fully comprehend all that was going down ... both on the east coast, the west coast, and little unimagined places all across America. The book is about evolution and de-evolution, about structure and de-structure, and about an almost incomprehensible substance called essence."

Some recent works of Jesse's:

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