Julie Holland

Julie Holland M.D. is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at NYU Medical School, and an attending physician and board-certified psychiatrist at Bellevue Hospital, where she works in the psychiatric emergency room. As liaison to Bellevue's medical emergency room and toxicology department, she is an considered a world expert on street drugs and intoxication states. Dr. Holland has a private psychiatry practice in Greenwich Village, and is a special consultant to Heffter Research Institute for drug studies. She attends bi-monthly seminars at the Lindesmith Center, a drug-policy group supported by George Soros.

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Dr, Holland has authored four popular books, including the NYT bestseller "Weekends at Bellevue: Nine Years on the Night Shift at the Psych ER" (hardcover).

Review from book site:

"This is my first medical memoir and I enjoyed it immensely. The world behind the automatic doors of Bellevue Hospital is exposed to us through the eyes and experience of Julie Holland, MD. Julie describes the gritty, funny, strange, and just plain sad cases that walk through the door ether by choice or in cuffs for her to assist, interview, or diagnose. Among the many attempted suicides, there is a lady that walked across the bridge carrying two bags of her own feces, the man who swore he had a razor blade in his rectum, women who assert they are having babies but who are not pregnant, and even violent offenders from Rikers that threaten bodily harm to themselves and all around them. Rarely is there a dull moment at Bellevue."

See also Dr. Holland's seminal work on MDMA: "Ecstasy - The Complete Guide" (all royalties from the sale of this book go toward funding clinical MDMA research).

Reviews by Amazon customers:

"This book is by far the best info/guide on MDMA, with in-depth analysis of the MDMA phenomenon, with cautions and caveats."

"I believe the 'Ecstasy' book is a seminal work ... in medical and clinical settings (MDMA) may promise hope."

"The most comprehensive book there is on the topic of MDMA."

"The book is an objective as can be. Possible risks of MDMA as well as the possible benefits are discussed in detail."

See additionally Dr. Holland's definitive reference work on cannabis: "The Pot Book".

Reviews by Amazon customers:

"This book has almost *everything* you could ever want to know about cannabis from most of the professionals and experts out there."

"I'd say the audience most likely to benefit is the potential medical marijuana patient who wants a better understanding of the herb and its medical benefits. The discussion from various experts in the field of medicine, psychiatry and law gives readers the facts on cannabis. Striped away are the biases, untruths and wishful thinking."

"This is a fantastic book. Each chapter is written by an expert in their own field talking about an aspect of the drug. Some of the information is scientific. Some of it is medical. Some of it deals with the war on drugs. If you are looking for one book to educate you on this plant and all the good and bad that comes with it then this book is for you."

And see Dr. Holland's exciting new work: "Moody Bitches".

Reviews by:

Christiana Northrup, M.D,, author of "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom": "Feeling moody or bitchy doesn't mean you have a substandard brain or a psychiatric medication-du-jour deficiency. In her groundbreaking new book, psychiatrist Dr. Julie Holland tells you exactly how to work with your unique brain and body chemistry and embrace and upgrade all of your feelings."

Douglas Rushkoff, author of "Present Shock": "This is the most important book on being a woman since 'Our Bodies, Ourselves.' Scientific yet compassionate, Dr. Julie Holland provides actionable, state-of-the-art advice on how women can navigate through and ever-changing hormonal landscape. She not only gives women new command over their bodies, but also shows how extreme moods and emotions might better be listened to than chemically suppressed."

Andrew Weil, M.D., author of "Power of Two": "Finally, an evidence-based guide to health for women, by a woman, that speaks to the mind, body and spirit of womanhood."

Amazon reviews:

"There is a lot of practical advice in this book. Because she is an MD, she discusses options beyond yoga and eating vegetables: an appendix covers the pros and cons of a plethora of antidepressants, sleep aids and anti-anxiety medications that are marketed directly to the consumer. She also discusses supplements that may be helpful, and she is a big (yet gentle) advocate for cannabis (in some instances). Everyone should read this book, then give it to her partner to read."

"This book is the be-all and end-all guide for women, explaining many things in a few hundred pages that you'd never hear from decades of visiting your OB-GYN! I'm so grateful."