Henrik Dahl

Henrik Dahl

Henrik Dahl is an arts journalist, critic and editor specialising in psychedelic culture and art. Other related subjects of interest include altered states of consciousness, spirituality and symbols. He is the editor of the website The Oak Tree Review, which features interviews with key characters from the 1960s counterculture. Dahl is also a regular contributor to Psychedelic Press, and his pieces have appeared in webzines such as Reality Sandwich and Reset.me, as well as the Swedish media. In 2012, he co-edited an issue of literature and art magazine Papi dedicated to the topic of intoxication. Before becoming a journalist, Dahl studied Anthropology and Art History at Lund University (SE). In addition to his non-fiction writing, he is doing translation work in the field of visual art. Dahl lives in Malmö, Sweden. An extended biography and links to several of his pieces can be found at his website www.henrikdahl.se. Twitter account: @the_oak_tree.

Selected pieces:

Apolitical Pharmacology: From Altruism to Terrorism in Psychedelic Culture, Psychedelic Press Volume XV, 2016

A Brief History of LSD in the Twenty-First Century, Psychedelic Press UK 2015 Volume 3

Pantheistic Insights: Vegetarianism in Psychedelic Culture, Reality Sandwich, 2014

Northern Trips: A Brief History of Swedish Psychedelia, Psychedelic Press UK 2014 Volume 2

Visionary Design: An Exposition of Book Covers in Psychedelic Literature, The Fenris Wolf 7, Edda Publishing, 2014

Seismographic Psychedelia: Reflections on the Direct Influence of Psychedelics on Art, Psychedelic Press UK 2013 Volume 2

Struck by White Lightning: A Correspondence with Owsley Stanley, The Oak Tree Review, 2012

Yeah, Yeah, Right! Right! Right! On the Bus with Merry Prankster Ken Babbs, Oak Tree Review, 2009

A Correspondence with Tim Scully, The Oak Tree Review, 2009